Ricky Gervais, with beautiful Beagle Scarlett.

FLOE's Patron, Peter Egan, with Scarlett.

Photos © K9 Magazine

The transforming power of rescuing Scarlett

Scarlett finding her freedom feet in the snow

“Scarlett is our angel. The love she gives sustains us. Although she has been rescued from certain death, we feel that it is her that has rescued us”, say Janie and Phil, Scarlett’s adopted parents.

“Scarlett gets a two hour walk every day, plus a late evening ‘round the block’ walk before bedtime, keeping us fit and healthy. She is also a constant reminder of the need to live a cruelty free life so that no animals were harmed through what we buy and eat.

We feel enormously privileged in our duty to make this wrong a right for her. She is a beagle and deserves the life of a beagle, just as nature intended. No animal deserves to be a cruel experiment for profit. We do not believe any good has come from animal experimentation – ever.

Although we cannot take the credit for Scarlett’s release from the laboratory – that is due to the wonderful rescue charity – the best thing has to be the pure joy of being with her every day.

Enjoying a hug with Janie on the beach

As well as showering us with love, Scarlett is very funny – she poses like a Meerkat when she wants attention – and is wonderful with children and other dogs. She is highly intelligent, she observes and learns and we are very proud to be her parents.

Through Scarlett we are able to talk about her story to every stranger we meet. Slowly, but surely, Scarlett is helping to educate people about the horrors and sheer uselessness of animal experimentation.

Beagles in labs deserve to be adopted and given a proper life. I would recommend people who truly love dogs do this. It is such a positive thing to turn around a life like this, the rewards come back a hundred fold.

And now Scarlett is an ambassador for FLOE! Our lives have a true purpose.”