Ricky Gervais, with beautiful Beagle Scarlett.

FLOE's Patron, Peter Egan, with Scarlett.

Photos © K9 Magazine

Take Action to Help!

You can reach us through our contact page where you can write to us and/or donate to help Scarlett’s campaign.

Please take action to help Scarlett and her supporters:

  • Over 100 MPs have now signed Parliamentary EDMs calling for a science hearing to judge outdated and false claims: that experiments on dogs, and other animals, can predict the responses of human patients.

Please ask your MP to sign the current EDM, simply type in your postcode at this link, and send your MP a letter today.

  • Please Donate to FLOE to help Scarlett reach more people with her scientific message, please donate whatever you can here.

    Help deliver FLOE’s leaflet!
  • Are you an active campaigner? If so you may like to deliver some of FLOE’s leaflets, pictured left. Please get in touch via the contact form.

And get in touch if you would like to help as a volunteer!