Ricky Gervais, with beautiful Beagle Scarlett.

FLOE's Patron, Peter Egan, with Scarlett.

Photos © K9 Magazine

Scarlett, Beagle Ambassador for FLOE

In their own words, Scarlett’s adopted parents Janie and Phil celebrate their support for current science

“We have known about vivisection since our twenties. We are now in our fifties and have witnessed much undercover footage of the horrors that go on in labs and met some very informed doctors and scientists that are against animal experimentation. It is not only cruelty on an industrial scale, but is now proven to be scientifically failing human patients in the search for their treatments and cures.

In June 2014, the British Medical Journal published their Editor’s Choice about the lack of predictive value animal testing has for humans. Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt stated “currently, nine out of ten experimental drugs fail in clinical studies because we cannot accurately predict how they will behave in people based on laboratory and animal studies” – and leading medical doctor Ray Greek says “each physiological system is now understood to be highly complex and unique. Current knowledge of genetics and evolutionary biology can explain how and why studying animals has failed – and will continue to fail – the search for human medicines.

Something must change. Today there are cutting edge human-based methods that are scientifically sound and come with a track record of success. These can properly serve the community and do not involve the torture and genocide of animals.

We are so delighted that Scarlett has become Beagle Ambassador for the foremost science-based campaign For Life On Earth (FLOE) which is working with over 100 MPs, now calling for a rigorous public science hearing to medically judge and then end these outdated animal experiments. This means that something positive can come out of Scarlett’s terrible past; she can help shed much needed light on the 70-year-old law which continues to keeps animal testing in place, despite its now recognised medical failure.

Living with Scarlett has confirmed our beliefs and her little ways and behaviours are a daily reminder of a life traumatised. Scarlett comes to life on her forest walks and a lot of people take an interest in her – she is small, cute and loves children and other animals – which gives us the opportunity to talk to people and educate them.   Some people have heard of animal testing but believe it stopped decades ago. Many more are unaware that animal testing even exists.

Through Scarlett we can inform them about the cruel vivisection industry and what they can do to help: spread the word, support anti-vivisection charities and live a cruelty free life, buying products that have not been tested on animals – look for the ‘leaping bunny’ symbol and refer to the extensive list of companies that do not test on animals; they are easy to find.”

Photo: March against laboratory Beagle breeders B&K Universal, July 2016, Grimston, Hull.