Ricky Gervais, with beautiful Beagle Scarlett.

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Leading medical doctor Ray Greek explains how and why animal testing fails to deliver treatments and cures for human patients; lecture, University of British Columbia, 2017.

Dr. Niall Shanks is a highly acclaimed  philosopher of science, having written the first definitive book against Intelligent Design Theory –  otherwise known as Creationism – titled God, the Devil and Darwin, forward by Richard Dawkins.

Dr. Shanks has also co-authored a seminal science work against using animals to try to study human diseases, with leading medical doctor Ray Greek. Titled Animal Models in Light of Evolution, this book is the basis for the insightful and accessible introductory science lecture below, delivered by Dr. Greek at University of British Columbia in 2017.

Drs. Shanks and Greek have also published an excellent FAQS book especially for the non-scientist, titled FAQS about the Use of Animals in Science; a Handbook for the Scientifically Perplexed. This is a wonderful introduction to the scientific arguments against using animals to study human diseases; please visit this link to order your copy today!