Ricky Gervais, with beautiful Beagle Scarlett.

FLOE's Patron, Peter Egan, with Scarlett.

Photos © K9 Magazine

Welcome to Scarlett - Beagle Ambassador for FLOE

PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 25th October 2021 – Peter Egan and Ricky Gervais call for the Govt. to release registered charities from an outdated ruling, which forbids them from ending animal experiments.

PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 24th September 2021 – Ricky Gervis and After Life co-star Peter Egan call for laboratory animals to be included in the Animal Welfare Act, as their new exposé reveals UK bred, factory farmed laboratory dogs crying out for help from inside Labcorp testing laboratory.

PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 21st June 2021 – Ricky Gervais and After Life co-star Peter Egan launch campaign to uncover harrowing footage of the factory farming of laboratory dogs in the UK

Scarlett is a remarkable dog who has been rescued from a cruel toxicology laboratory, after two years of enduring life there as an experimental subject.

This is Scarlett’s story from laboratory prison to her loving forever home – and her new role as Beagle Ambassador for the science-based campaign For Life On Earth (FLOE).

Scarlett is helping FLOE communicate the scientific truth that experiments on dogs, and other animals, are now proven to fail the search for human treatments and cures. Current understanding of genetics and evolutionary biology is able to explain why this is the case – and why we need a science hearing that can demonstrate this in public.

Please join Scarlett on her journey; help her supporters call for a fair public science hearing to judge the outdated and false claims, that experiments on dogs can predict the responses of human patients.

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